ASME B30.5


Ready for some new ideas in lifting? Maeda Mini-Cranes may be the answer. Small enough to do the lifting you need done indoors, underground, or in confined spaces.

Maeda offers a line of small footprint crawler cranes to help you lift in a new way. Lift safer with machines designed to do it right. Use a small crane up close rather than a big, expensive crane at long radius.

Maeda Mini Cranes offer:
  • One to five ton capacities
  • Multiple power options Diesel, Electric, Gas
  • Remote control operation
  • Advanced safety systems
  • Small footprint. Small enough to go places no crane
    has gone before
  • Easily transported & highly maneuverable

Been using forklifts and other equipment to jury-rig your lifting? Been breaking the backs of your workers and having injury problems?  Need tight access lifting?


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