Top takeaways from ConExpo 2017

We had an amazing experience at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas. We met some great people and found out about some really interesting industry trends and innovations. What did we find out? Here’s our top takeaways from ConExpo:

  1. Attack of the Drones. With more than 100 booths displaying drones, ConExpo felt a little like an airshow. But there’s good reason for this drone explosion. Global demand for drones in the construction and real estate industry is expected to climb to $20.5 billion, with drones for everything from surveying, inventory management, construction site security and more. There was even a Drone Zone!

  2. Construction – In 3-D! One display featured an excavator contains a 400-pound, 7-foot-long steel boom, made with a 3-D printer – used for the first time at the show. 3-D printers have been used to make everything from pancakes to houses, but this was the first time we’ve seen a practical use for 3-D printing in the field. Think about it. If you’re on site and something breaks, printing a replacement piece could eliminate a lot of down time.

  3. A very dirty ally. Skilled tradesmen seem to be a dying breed, but there’s a movement to change that. Mike Rowe, of the awesome TV Series Dirty Jobs, spoke at ConExpo on, among other things, the need to make trade work cool again and his campaign to do just that. Thanks, Mike!

  4. Crane operator – the video game? There were plenty of training simulators at the show, and boy have they come a long way! With the look of the video games you’d find on the latest Playstation game console, these simulators put you in the driver’s seat of some really cool equipment teaching operators about efficient machine operation and safety. Way better than trying to learn plumbing from the Mario Brothers.

  5. Riviera revisited. ConExpo took up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, along with property along the Las Vegas strip that used to home to the Riviera. It was the first time the Riviera property was used for a convention, and while some of us missed the old casino we did appreciate the extra space!

Of course, ConExpo 2017 was also the debut of our new 6.6-ton capacity CC1485-1 Mini Crane, the only small Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane marketed in North America. Learn more about it here.