Precision Glass Placement

DeGeorge Glass utilized the MC285CRM-2 Maeda model with spider leg style outriggers on the exterior renovation of Monroe Hall on the campus of Loyola University, New Orleans. A tower crane was onsite, however, it was tasked for a variety of functions including removal of old façade and hoisting materials.
The glass contractor, DeGeorge Glass Company Inc., determined that a Maeda MC285, working from the rooftop could lower in glass window panels on the façade, efficiently and precisely, without having to wait on the tower crane or block the street below.

A mobile crane working from the street level was ruled out due to the narrow street access and traffic in the campus area/garden district.  The MC285 working from the rooftop level of the five-story building was the solution.

Coordinating with DeGeorge personnel, Maeda USA, delivered the MC285.  The site tower crane hoisted the MC285 directly from the delivery trailer to the rooftop in a matter of minutes. The MC285, working around the perimeter edge of the rooftop, efficiently lowered window panels to workers on scaffolds at various floor levels.

Once complete, MC285 was lowered to ground level and placed directly on trailer for its return.


DeGeorge Glass Company, Inc.
Loyola University, New Orleans, LA