Maeda Mini Crane Lifts at Soldier Field

Maeda MC405C Mini Crane at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL.
Maeda USA recently supplied Stevenson Crane Service, Bolingbrook, IL, with a Maeda MC405CRME Mini Crawler Crane for a steel erection project at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL, during recent construction. The MC405 Mini Crane was operated by Stevenson Crane’s personnel lifting steel beams in a concourse area of the stadium. The MC405 was selected due to several factors including safety features, compact size, precision control, and capacity to lift loads in a confined area.
The compactness and maneuverability of the Maeda Mini Crane were key to traveling and maneuvering the machine into position in the stadium, setting up, performing the lifts, then rapid removal from the jobsite. Other conventional equipment could not be used due to the tight jobsite areas and limited access to the work area.  All of the Maeda’s work was performed during an active football season, between games at Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.

Maeda USA worked closely with Stevenson Crane to provide outrigger reaction force and ground pressure data for the MC405 on each of the lifts of the steel beams (some of the heaviest weighing approximately 7,000 lbs). The rubber tracked, compact (4’6” wide), and highly maneuverable MC405 was traveled into position on a concourse area, set up and went to work lifting safely, efficiently and quickly to complete the steel erection prior to an upcoming home game.

Safety was a primary requirement on the project, and Maeda Mini Crane’s OEM Moment Limiter Safety System with Load Indicator, Outrigger Interlock Safety System, and Anti-2-Block system, which are all standard features, were a big advantage on approval of the crane for use on the project. These safety features are standard on all Maeda Mini Crane Models which are manufactured specifically for the North American market. Maeda Mini Cranes are ASME B30.5/OSHA and EPA compliant.

Maeda USA, based in Houston, Texas, is the exclusive Master Distributor of Maeda Mini Cranes in the Western Hemisphere. Rentals and sales are available throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America. For more information on Maeda Mini Cranes visit or call (713)715-1500.