Big Project, Mini Solution – Maeda in Action

You wouldn’t think there would be any confined spaces on a project that spans the space of 20 football fields, but there are and that’s where Maeda Mini Cranes shine.

That’s exactly what happened during a massive $2 billion upgrade project at a California sewage treatment plant.

Workers needed a machine that had the power to handle the placement of piping, valves, and other heavy materials in areas with vertical obstructions, low overhead clearance and horizontal beams.

Contractors turned to Bigge Crane, which in turn introduced the Maeda CC1485-1 Mini Crawler Crane to the project. With its 98” body width, zero front and rear tail swing, non-marking bolt-on rubber track pads, 6.6-ton max lifting capacity, and pick and carry capability, the CC1485 was the right tool for the job.

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