Building Big in Boston with Maeda USA

Confined lifting areas, narrow workspaces, irregular work schedules, and heavy rail and highway traffic – the Parcel 12 project in Downtown South Boston faced these challenges and more.

Architects of the ambitious project sought to build two new buildings connected by a landscaped public plaza – over the Mass Pike (I-90) and Worchester Line Commuter Rail tracks – enhancing the heart of one of Boston’s most walk-able districts.
However, the project presented lifting challenges that could not be solved with a traditional big crane. Enter a mini crane from Inman Texas Company of Houston, Texas.

The Inman Texas Company connected crews with the Maeda CC1485 Mini Crane. With its 8’2″ overall width, the machine was the perfect size to operate within the approximately 12-feet-wide area. But several other key features made this model the ideal tool for the project:

  • Narrow overall width made it easy to maneuver in the confined workspace.
  • Efficient, low-decibel Isuzu diesel engine could operate within noise restrictions.
  • Bolt-on rubber track pads allowed the CC1485 to travel on the existing highway and concrete, as needed, without damage to the surfaces.
  • Pick and carry capability of up to 4,400 lb.
  • Environmental operator’s cab equipped with standard air conditioning enhanced operator comfort during the hot Boston summer.

During the project, the CC1485 handled a variety of materials such as steel, rebar and utility pipe, and was also employed to hoist small equipment like welding machines into the confined space and offload trucks arriving with materials.

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