CC1485 Cranes Heading to Customers in Florida, Virginia

Two of our customers in Florida and Virginia just became the proud owners new CC1485 Mini Crawler Cranes.

One crane is the second mini crane purchased by our customer in Virginia. It will join another CC1485 already working on a large bridge project in Hampton Roads.

The crane destined for Florida will be utilized to handle a variety of materials such as rebar, steel, and trusses in the booming residential construction market there.

Small and compact, the CC1485 can maneuver and hoist in areas large conventional cranes can’t access. Both machines are equipped with bolt-on rubber track pads for protection when traveling and unloading/loading the machine on existing paved surfaces and streets.

Operators will enjoy features like the environmental air-conditioned cab, and safety features such as full LMI system, anti-2-block, smooth joystick controls, pick and carry capability up to 4,400 lbs.

For more information on the cranes, click here.