Mini Crane Features & Options

Mini Crane Access

Narrow Width For Tight Access
– Standard on MC Models

Maeda cranes are designed for doorway access into buildings and tight work spaces. MC285-2 is 30” wide, MC305-2 is 51” wide, MC405 is 54” wide. Access through single or double doors is easy.

Remote Control with Digital Display 
– Standard on MC Models

Puts operator near load. Exclusive Load Indicator data readout for secure operation. Wireless remote available.

*Radio Wireless Optional

Moment Limiter & Digital Load Indicator Safety System
– Standard on ALL Models

Auto-stop of specific crane functions/operations to limit overload of the crane. OEM safety system informs operator with all lift data. Fully integrated with outriggers. Full tip-over protection. Programmable to set operation limits.

Multiple Position Outriggers (MC285-2 shown)
– Standard on MC285-2

The spider leg design outriggers are designed with multiple position settings to provide flexibility for fitting into confined spaces. The MC285-2 has 12 possible settings. Lifting capacity depends on the outrigger settings, with the highest capacity on the maximum, widest and most stable outrigger setting. Outriggers can be set differently at any time, they need not be all the same setting.

Multiple Position Outriggers (MC305-2 & MC405 shown)
– Standard on MC305-2 & MC405

The spider leg design outriggers are designed with multiple position settings to provide flexibility for fitting into confined spaces. The MC305-2 & MC405 have 3 possible settings. Lifting capacity depends on the outrigger settings, with the highest capacity on the maximum, widest and most stable outrigger setting. Outriggers can be set differently at any time, they need not be all the same setting.

InterLock Outrigger Safety System
– Standard on MC Models

MC model InterLock system prevents unsafe lifting of the boom until all outriggers are properly set on the ground for stability. Angle Set lights indicate outrigger is properly swung out into position and securely pinned. Ground Contact lights indicate outrigger is in contact with the ground for stability. Because mini cranes are narrow, InterLock prevents accidents from lifting without proper setting of outriggers first. Automatic sensing by the machine, not dependent on operator entry.

Heavy Duty Track System
– Standard on MC Models

Heavy rubber tracks for stable travel on rough surfaces. Maximum height and width of the crawlers lead to the most stable machine in the industry, with excellent ground clearance. The MC285-2 has an approach angle to the crawler offering greater flexibility in walking over obstacles without getting ‘tippy”, and accommodating ramps when loading. 

Seated Operator Control Area
– Standard on MC305-2, MC405, CC1485-1

Operation from a comfortable and adjustable seat in the MC305-2 & MC405 models. All controls, speed settings, safety systems, Moment Limiter Safety System, switches and gauges are comfortably used from this seat. Visibility is unrestricted. CC1485-1 has enclosed air-conditioned cab.

2-Speed Functions
–Standard on MC305-2, MC405, CC1485-1

MC305-2 & MC405 have full 2-Speed functions on travel, hoist winch, boom hoist & extend, and swing. Also with the programming capability of the Remote Control the machine can be set for multiple micro-speed settings of all functions. CC1485-1has 2-Speed winch with hydraulic disc brake.

3 Sheave Block Hook
– Standard on ALL Models

Three sheave block for two or four part reeving without changing blocks. No need to buy a second hook block.

Self-Stowing Hook Block
–Standard on ALL Models

Hook Block self-stows tight to the boom head on MC305-2, MC405 and CC1485-1. MC285-2 has automatic hook stow feature for automated tightening of block during stowage. Quick and easy.

Tie Down Anchors For Transport
– Standard on MC Models

Four Point Tie Down Anchors with Shackles for quick, safe, and secure tie down during transport.

Single Rigging Point For Lifting Machine
– Standard on MC285-2

A single lifting eye on top of boom for a balanced lift. Requires minimal rigging for a fast 1 point connection and easy lift of machine.

Four Rigging Points For Lifting Machine
– Standard on MC305-2 & MC405

Four lift eyes, one from each outrigger leg, create a balanced lift. Requires minimal rigging for fast 4 point connection and easy lift of machine.

Safe Working Lamp
– Standard on ALL Models

The Moment Limiter & Load Indicator Safety System is integrated with a 3 color Safe Working Lamp. Colors indicate several different possible messages. Green indicates proper machine setup & lifting within crane capacity. Yellow indicates the lift is within 90% of capacity, indicating the limit of the crane is close. Red indicates the machine is not properly setup for use, or the lift function has been stopped due to exceeding lift capacity.

Outrigger Setting Warning Lamp
– Standard on MC Models

Warning Lamp to signify when MC model outriggers are properly placed on the ground. This safety item shows operators when outriggers are not set and safe for use.


Boom Position Warning Lamp
– Standard on MC305-2 & MC405

With seated operator positions, operator safety is key. The boom will not swing through the operator’s seat position to avoid unintended contact between the boom and operator. This system also prevents unsafe lifting of loads over the operators head. The green lamp indicates when boom function is limited from entering into the operator seat area.

Level Indicator Aid
– Standard on ALL Models

Easy to read Bubble Level Indicator aids operator with leveling the MC machine on outriggers. Crane use requires machine to be within 3°.

Diagnostic Display Panel
– Standard on MC Models

Display panel for trouble shooting and technical issue analysis. Audio voice messaging feature for audio messages to operator.

Machine Cover
-Standard on MC285-2
Optional for MC305-2 & MC405

Heavy duty machine cover is available for all MC models.

Optional Mini Crane Features, Add-ons & Accessories

Electric Motor Power
Optional on MC Models

230V powerful electric motor for clean, quiet operation. Eliminate engine emissions indoors with dual power.

LPG/Propane Fuel
– Optional on MC285-2

Reduces emissions for indoor operation.

Overhaul Ball
– Optional on ALL Models

For single part line lifting.

Searcher Hook Boom Tip
– Optional on MC Models

Boom mounted extension for low overhead lifting and placing. Pins at three different offset angles. Capacities up to 1,870 lb.

Fly Jib w/ 10° offset angle
– Optional on MC405

Extends lift height to 67.9-feet.

White Non-Marking Rubber Tracks
– Optional on ALL Models

White rubber treads prevent marks on floors.

Auxiliary Long Rope Winch
– Optional on MC285-2

Long reach lifting below machine when on roof or upper floors of a building. 328’ hook drop below machine level. 1,980 lb. maximum capacity. Complete with overhaul ball.

Man Basket
– Optional on MC Models

Expands capability to personnel handler with quick-attachment feature. Single man, 300 lb. capacity.

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Oktopus Glass Manipulator with Remote Control
– Optional on MC Models

Boom Mounted Vacuum Lifter for quick attachment. Up to 1,320 lb. capacity. Manipulate glass with Wireless Remote controlled Rotation, Swivel, and Angle Tilt features. Rechargeable battery. Extension arms for larger glass. Set glass under overhangs, obstructions, or straight on. Adjusts for vertical or horizontal placement.

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Outrigger Pads
– Optional on ALL Models

Various pad styles and sizes available for floor protection and disbursement of load weight and force.

Custom Paint Colors
– Optional on ALL Models

All Maeda cranes can be custom painted with your company colors. Either during manufacture, or post production before delivery.

Fly Jib
– Optional on CC1485-1

Extends lift height to 71.2-feet.

Model Comparison

S=standard, O=optional





Narrow Width S S S S
Remote Control with Digital Display S S S
Load Indicator & Moment Limiter Safety System S S S S
Multi Position Spider Leg Design Outriggers S S S
Outrigger Interlock S S S
Heavy Duty Crawlers S S S S
Seated Operator Control Position S S
Enclosed Operator Cab with A/C S
2 Speed Functions S S S S
3 Sheave Block Hook S S S S
Self Stow Hook Block S S S S
Tie Down Anchors S S S S
Lifting Points S S S S
Safe Work Lamp S S S S
Outrigger Set Lamp S S S
Boom Position Lamp S S
Level Indicator Aid S S S S
Diagnostic Display Panel S S S S
Machine Cover S O O
Electric Motor Power O O O
LPG/Propane Fuel O
Overhaul Ball O O O O
Boom Tip Searcher Hook O O O
Fly Jib – Stowed on Boom O O
White Non-Marking Rubber Tracks O O O O
Auxiliary Winch w/ Long Rope O
Man Basket O O O
Oktopus Glass Manipulator O O O
Outrigger Pads O O O
Custom Paint Colors O O O O

Additional Maeda Mini Crane options include Custom Trailers, Exhaust Scrubbers, Cold Weather Package, Rigging Devices & More.