Flying High and Fighting Wildfires with Maeda Mini Crane

Helicopter and airplane maintenance and repair – ideally one would like to do it in the comfort of a hanger, but often times it’s done out in the field.

So, when plane and copter maintenance personnel need convenient heavy lifting power out in the field, they turn to Maeda Mini Crane.

Easy to transport, maneuver and use, with the power to lift up to 13,000 lbs. in unconventional and difficult situations, Maeda Mini Cranes can be used at the shop or in the field to perform maintenance on helicopters and planes of all shapes and sizes.

And, these photos are proof of that!

These helicopters needed to be maintained while fighting wildfires in the west, and couldn’t go in to the shop. Maintenance crews were able to meet the helicopter in the middle of a field, with a Maeda Mini Crane, and perform the necessary maintenance needed to keep these copters up in the air.