In West Philadelphia, Born and Raised (by Maeda)

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is going through a major transformation, and one of the biggest developments is the $3.5 billion, 14-acre Schuylkill Yards in West Philly.

Overlooking its courtyard, named Drexel Square, is a massive stainless steel sign atop the Bulletin Building. For the installation of this sign, contractor Nova Sign Group turned to Able Equipment Rental, Inc., and a Maeda MC305 Mini Crane.

On a Saturday, with the busy street shut down below and the MC305 perched on the roof, the 10-foot-tall, 2,000 lbs. stainless steel letters were hoisted up one by one nearly 85 feet from the street and then placed on a 15-foot-tall by 300-foot-long frame.

Using every bit of the machine’s boom, cable, radius and capacity (which you can learn more about here, the MC305 provided crews with the power and precision needed to complete the job swiftly and securely.

Now completed, the sign serves as a gateway to the area, welcoming all to West Philadelphia.

The project was recently featured in Crane Hotline magazine.

Below is a gallery of photos and video from the project, and the full article.

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