Luxury Houston Hotel Uses Maeda MC305C-2

New luxury hotel in downtown Houston, next door to George R. Brown Convention Center is utilizing a MC305C-2 to build a lazy river and outdoor pool area on 6th level overlooking Discovery Green.  Specialty commercial pool contractors are using an MC305C to handle various materials such as steel beams and pumps to construct the large pool area.

The MC305 was selected for its capacity (6,560 lbs), overall weight (9,100 lbs), small footprint, and ability to travel around a very confined workspace on rubber tracks.  The tower crane onsite was being taken down since the main hotel structure was completed.  Prior to the tower crane being removed, the MC305 was lifted to the 6th floor level where it will work for a duration of approximately 6 months as the only material handling crane onsite.  The MC305 was the solution for the contractor to have a lightweight equipment to work on the 6th floor, with adequate capacity to handle various weights lifting steel beams and materials.

Precise placement and handling of materials is required on the congested jobsite.  The MC305, rented from Maeda USA (Inman Texas Company), Houston, TX, is right at home on the central “island” structure in the shape of the State of Texas.  The river structure is constructed around the perimeter of the “island”, so the MC305 can lift, place and hold materials while they are welded or bolted in place.
Another key requirement of working on the project was having a crane that is fully compliant with the safety requirements of the General Contractor.  Maeda Mini Cranes have the same safety features, such as a Moment Limiter Safety System and Display with load charts programmed in, Anti-2-Block, Outrigger Interlock Safety System and other features just like the conventional larger mobile cranes, so there are no issues with using a Maeda Mini Crane on a commercial construction site.

The MC305 is a cost effective solution that eliminated the need for an expensive big mobile crane, blocking the street below.