Maeda MC285 & MC405 Brings Historic Building Back to Life

This historic building in the heart of Austin, Texas is getting a new lease on life, thanks in part to two Maeda Mini Cranes.

The building, which was built in 1898 and declared a Texas historic landmark in 1994 by the Texas Historical Commission, has undergone some major renovations to remodeled accommodate new office space.

As part of the project, Austin Iron was brought in to replace the buildings structural steel beams.

They first brought in a Maeda MC285 Mini Crane because it was small enough to work inside the confined space of the building’s basement, yet powerful enough to lift and hold the massive steel beams in place.

When the project required more capacity and the ability to lift materials to the second floor, they recruited a Maeda MC405 Mini Crane. It provided added capacity and lift height while still maintaining the ability to work from the small confined basement space. Working from within the space, rather than outside the space from the perimeter is where the Maeda’s offered the advantage over other conventional cranes.

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