Maeda in Action – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Able Rigging was facing a construction dilemma. Working on a new 29-story building in Austin, TX., they were going to employ a 90’ boom derrick crane to remove a tower crane, but then they needed something to remove the derrick.

With limited roof space available, Able required a machine that could be hoisted to the roof by the tower crane, disassemble the derrick, provide powerful lifting capabilities all in a confined space, and be removed from the roof by elevator.

The Maeda MC305 mini crane was the solution to provide the lifting to disassemble the derrick and get it off the roof top. Once the tower crane was removed, the 6,560-pound capacity Maeda MC305 easily lifted the derrick’s components during disassembly – weighing up to 2,000 pounds each – and then lowered them from the highest roof level down to a lower level with access to the construction elevator for taking the derrick components back to ground level.

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