Maeda in Action: MC285 & MC405

Maeda MC405 Mini Crane in Action

It’s easy to find machinery that can lift a heavy steel structure, but what if you’re in a protected, environmentally sensitive forest in Michigan or underneath the San Francisco Bay Area bridge?

A Secluded Michigan Forest

ITC Crane knew there were going to be obstacles to overcome while installing a heavy-duty steel canopy skywalk that winds through a dense Michigan forest. Not only was the forest protected, they had to deal with various slopes and grades during the installation. They turned to the Maeda MC405 Mini Crane. With its 55" Body Width, 8,480 lb. Max Capacity and 67' 10" Max Lift Height, the MC405 gave then the ability to build the structure without causing any damage to the heavily wooded, and protected, forest.




Bay Area Bridge

When most people think of the massive San Francisco Bay Area Bridge, few even consider it could have tight working spaces. But Bigge Crane & Rigging knew working underneath the 30 acre bridge spanning from San Francisco to Oakland would present certain challenges. That's why they chose the Maeda MC285 Mini Crane to work on a platform, underneath one of the San Francisco Bay Area bridge. Overall MC285 weight, and tight workspace under the bridge made the MC285 the perfect equipment to hoist steel panels.