With Maeda Mini Cranes, Seeing is Believing

We keep telling you about all the great things Maeda Mini Cranes can do, but it’s more fun to show you.

This video created by Interstate Sawing and Demolition in West Bend, Wisconsin shows the Maeda Mini Crane in action: working on a demolition project, lifting equipment into place, supporting steel beams on a fabrication job, placing heavy concrete slabs into place and more.

Duke Long, owner of Interstate Sawing and Demolition, says the Maeda Mini Crane has become his go-to tool because of its versatility – making it the perfect tool for many jobsite applications.

“I didn’t know how much we needed a Maeda Mini Crane until we got one,” Long said. “I thought we’d rent it out every once in a while, but we use it a lot!”

And you can see that in this video. Thanks Duke!

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