MC 285 Provides Lift where Tower Crane Can’t Reach

MC 285

Here’s another case of a Maeda Mini-Crane coming to the rescue of a structure that was beyond the reach of a tower crane. On this addition to the St. David’s Medical Facility in Austin, TX, the tower crane couldn’t reach the farthest corner of the structure. It could however hoist a Maeda MC 285 mini-crane to the roof and stage the steel beams.

Erectors found the mini-crane was much faster assembling the steel because of its close proximity and precision placement. The mini-crane operator was able to closely monitor the workers on the beams and communicate directly with them. This advantage also improved the safety of the steel erection. The Maeda was a much less expensive alternative than a large mobile crane rental. The crew was able to bolt-up the steel columns and beams in a day on the rooftop corner. The track-mounted MC 285, which was rented from Inman Texas Company, Houston, was easily able to maneuver on the roof with it’s compact 30-inch width.
Watch the below time lapse video to see the efficiency of a Maeda.