For nearly a decade, and 38 years in the crane business, Steve has been main driving force behind Maeda USA. Why Maeda Mini Cranes? Inman says, “We’re putting the fun back into the crane business, solving problems for customers and figuring out new ways to use mini cranes.”

Here’s some more about Steve Inman

Job duties: I help with product, sales, service, support and technical issues, and provide training for customers

Years with the company: 9 with MaedaUSA, 38 years in crane buisness

What I like best about my position: Solving problems with customer, figuring our new ways to use mini cranes.

My favorite thing about Maeda Mini Cranes: We’re trying to make our cranes smaller not bigger, putting the fun back in the crane business, unique job situations constantly

My favorite thing about MaedaUSA customers: The best customers ask questions, think smaller, not bigger

My favorite thing to do when not at work: Boating

Fun fact about me: First operated a crane at 3 years old