Building a Bridge Over the Mississippi

In service since 1935, the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge has provided an important link between Illinois and Iowa. But that link was in trouble. In 2016, a study showed the bridge was being traversed by an average of 74,000 travelers a day, and projected to rise to almost 100,000 by 2035.

It was decided to replace the I-74 twin bridges over the Mississippi River, and construction began in 2017.

To provide lifting on the bridge with minimal effect on active traffic lanes Inman Texas Company of Houston, Texas connected crews with the Maeda CC1485 Mini Crane. Not only does the machine provide 4,400 lbs of pick and carry capacity on the bridge, but it also provides the required lifting above and below grade with only an 8’2″ overall width. The machine is perfectly sized for operation on the bridge in the narrow work zone.

The project will continue into 2022 with the Maeda CC1485 playing a vital role in lifting while active traffic uses the bridge.

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