Mission Accomplished At US Air Force Academy

When an 8,000 lb. bulkhead sank to the bottom of the US Air Force Academy’s pool in Colorado Springs, CO a Maeda MC285 mini crane was dispatched by Maeda dealer Inman Texas Company, Houston on a mission to assist in the repair and reinstallation. The MC285 Mini Crane hoisted one end of the bulkhead at a time to reinstall it onto the guide tracks. The operation involved divers, salvage flotation airbags and above water support personnel.

The MC285 excelled by traveling into a confined area under its own power and setting up on the side of the pool. Then, the MC285 hoisted and positioned each end of the bulkhead while in a tight workspace on the pool deck. The 8,000 lb. bulkhead was floated using heavy-duty air bags used in marine salvage operations. Repairs were completed to seal the bulkhead and the MC285 then lowered and positioned each end of the bulkhead onto the guide tracks. Once complete, the MC285 was folded into travel configuration (30″ wide) and driven out of the pool area. Utilization of the compact and capable MC285, was key to a successful “Mission Accomplished” for the US Air Force Academy.

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