No Waiting with Mini Cranes

Woodward Steel Group is utilizing two Maeda MC 285CRME-2 mini cranes to complete steel erection and stair installation. The MC285’s work in various areas of the project, eliminating the need to wait on the tower cranes or use a large capacity mobile crane from the ground.  Using Maeda mini cranes, Woodward crews can erect steel and perform installations efficiently and safely without having to wait on other cranes onsite to lift their steel.  Most lifts are 2000 lbs and less.  The MC’s also hold the load while it is bolted or welded in place.
The MC285’s have been positioned on various floors throughout the structure.  Maeda USA worked closely with Woodward personnel, prior to delivering the MC285’s, on ground pressure and outrigger reaction force data that were required by the general contractor and structural engineers.

Woodward continues to realize the effectiveness of using the MC285’s on the project, and their flexibility enables them to work installing stairs and railings in areas not easily accessible to other lifting equipment.


Woodward Steel Group
-Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System
Hospital, Downtown New Orleans, LA

Equipment- 2 Maeda MC285CRME-2