MC285 Mini Crawler Crane


31′ 10″ Max Lift Height
6,210 lb. Max Capacity
30″ (2′ 6″) Body Width

  • 12 position spider leg style outriggers
  • 360° Swing
  • Remote Control w/ Programmable Micro Speed Control
  • 4 Power Options
    Diesel, Gas, or dual power: Diesel/Electric, Gasoline/LPG
  • EPA compliant engines
  • Searcher Hook for boom tip extension
  • 5-section boom
  • Load Indicator & Moment Limiter System (standard)

Features & Options

Download Product Specs

Download Specs

Capacity Graphs

The Rated Total Load is based on the actual working radius including boom detection. Due to wire rope strength and other limitations, when using two part or single part hooks use the appropriate four part Rated Total Load Chart above but with maximum load of:

Two Part - 3,100 lb. Single Part - 1,560 lb.

The Rated Total Load Chart is supplied for reference only. Operator and all personnel must refer to the actual crane Rated Total Load Chart to determine allowable machine lifting and operating procedures. We are constantly improving our products and reserve the right to change design and specifications at any time. ASME B 30.5 2004. ISO 9001 compliant

Capacity Charts


Photos of the MC285-2 Mini Crawler Crane