Taking a Houston Home to New Heights

When it comes to home construction, nothing is sturdier than steel. But, unlike its wood counterpart, steel beams are very, very heavy. So substantial in fact, that heavy equipment is required to erect steel frames.

But, as we have mentioned numerous times in the past, space isn’t always available for traditional heavy lifting equipment needed on these job sites.

Take for instance this job in the River Oaks area near Houston, TX. Crews were erecting structural steel on a custom residential home addition, but they didn’t have room on the job site to maneuver a conventional crane.

Crews turned to Inman Texas Co. for a rental of a Maeda MC285 Mini Crane.

With its 30-inch frame width and ability to lift up to 6,210 pounds up to over 31 feet, the mini crane gave workers the power and flexibility they needed to do the job right.

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