Maeda Makes it Happen for Erickson Inc.

International corporations, humanitarian aid groups and the U.S. Military turn to Erickson Inc. when they need supplies, personnel and equipment delivered to remote locations in the Middle East, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas. But when the helicopters and planes Erickson rely on to make these remote deliveries break down or need service – at home or in the field – they turn to Maeda Mini Crane.

David Ackley, Lead Mechanic at Erickson Inc., said the strength and versatility of Maeda Mini Cranes give mechanics the ability to easily perform scheduled and emergency maintenance and inspections at home or abroad.

“A lot of our operations are very remote, so we need one piece of equipment that can do everything,” Ackley said. “The Maeda Mini Crane does that for us.”

Easy to transport, maneuver and use, with the power to lift up to 13,000 lbs. in unconventional and difficult situations, Maeda Mini Cranes can be used at the shop or in the field to perform maintenance on helicopters and planes of all shapes and sizes.

In his seven years with Erickson Inc., Ackley said he has personally used a Maeda Mini Crane in the East Africa to install propellers on a CASA 212 two turbo propeller engine aircraft and replace an engine on a Hawker Beechcraft 1900, but knows the company has also relied on the Maeda Mini Crane to service its Bell 412, Bell 214ST, Bell 212 and Airbus AS332 Super Puma helicopters – even in extremely remote locations.

“The versatility and maneuverability of it is great. The Maeda Mini Crane has precise movement, which is necessary when installing large parts in a small area,” Ackley said. “Where we’re at, were not always in a hanger. Many times, we’re working on a dirt ramp. We don’t have to worry about working on level surface, we can adjust the outriggers. Not a lot of options work for us, the Maeda Mini Crane does.”