Texas A&M Kyle Field

Kyle Field

All-Pro Performance at Texas A&M Kyle Field
During the renovation of Kyle Field on the Texas A&M campus, there was a classic match-up between project requirements and mini-crane capabilities. A large sign frame needed to be hoisted into position inside the completed stadium with a narrow entrance and limited access.

The Maeda MC 405 has a narrow width of only 4’6” and with a 6’6” height it easily passed through the stadium gates under its own power. Once inside the work area, the outriggers were deployed in a matter of minutes. The MC405 easily lifted the approximately 1,000 lb. sign frame over the existing stair/escalator area. Maeda’s precision controls made fine adjustments as the frame was bolted in place. The installation was completed safely and efficiently in minimal time with minimal labor and no delays or interruptions to other subcontractors onsite.

Stadium work for Maeda Mini Cranes has become common since contractors require access to confined areas. Examples where Maeda Mini Cranes have contributed all-pro efforts include: Soldier Field- Chicago, IL, Miami Marlins Stadium- Miami, FL and Daytona Speedway- Daytona, FL.

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