Traveling at the speed of Maeda

When the State of Texas wanted to improve transportation in the Fort Worth, TX area, they turned to light rail. But when the TEXRail light rail project needed to erect the steel platform structure at one rail station within a confined workspace, contractors turned to Maeda USA.

For those unfamiliar with the project, TEXRail is a new 27-mile commuter rail line that will extend from downtown Fort Worth, across northeast Tarrant County. TEXRail will begin service later this year and is projected to serve more than 8,000 daily riders at nine stations by the end of the first year of operation. By 2035, nearly 14,000 riders are projected to ride the system.

While working on a structure in downtown Fort Worth, Texas contractor, GST Manufacturing, determined they needed a small compact crawler to erect steel in a narrow worksite. They determined the Maeda LC785 Mini Crane was the perfect machine for the job due to its narrow overall width, and minimal tail swing. The pick-and-carry capability was also helpful with traveling and carrying materials and steel beams into the tight jobsite.

While the Maeda LC785 is an older model, its replacement – the Maeda CC1485-1 Mini Crawler Crane – is available in many markets with a similar body width as the LC785 and higher lift height and payload capacities.

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